Itron Partnership

As a licensed Itron partner, Controlled Data, Inc. provides endpoint processing software for both utilities and meter manufacturers. Itron technology, used in conjunction with CDI software, enhances a customer’s ability to quickly and effectively program and check ERTs in a cost effective manner. Using MTS – Meter Tracking System and EPS – Endpoint Processing System together, meter shops enjoy the benefits of a highly automated solution for processing meters and ERTs.

EPS - Endpoint Processing System

EPS - Endpoint Processing System is a solution for processing Itron endpoints (ERTs) within a meter shop. EPS can significantly enhance ERT processing in a meter shop by automating the programming, reading, checking and marrying processes. EPS software can run as a standalone application or it can be integrated into Controlled Data's MTS - Meter Tracking System.


EPS - Features

  • Program, check and read Itron ERTs
  • Verify ERT programming parameters before programming the ERT
  • Process SCM and SCM+ ERTs
  • Marry and Divorce ERTs to meters
  • Save ERT data to a database
  • Program ERTs individually or in bulk quantities
  • Execute a Read Any command to obtain ERT reads

Automate your ERT processing functions saving time and money.